CODES Dispensary in West Plains, MO has unlocked the recreational cannabis shopping experience in a new and exciting way. With CODES Dispensary, you can dive deep into the West Plains community where we live, work, and play every day. Learn something new about the underlying bond between music, art, creativity, and locally grown weed when you come to our new cannabis playground. We use light, color, and shape to create a fascinating place to unlock your cannabis code.

Unwind with Recreational Cannabis from CODES Dispensary

We know how important the community is to you, and now there’s a cannabis brand that’s inspired by that same community. We are inspired by the area codes that have shaped who we are today. CODES Dispensary in West Plains is a revolutionary new way to unlock the magical bond that’s found between the place we live and the local cannabis you want.

Find Cannabis Flower, Gummies, and More in West Plains

Recreational cannabis from CODES Dispensary is used for sheer enjoyment, and for good reason. Cannabis produces over a hundred cannabinoids that react with the body to help you feel relaxed, happy, and content. We have flower, concentrate, topicals, pre-rolls, oils, tincture, vape products, and edibles of all kinds, so there is a perfect high waiting here for you. When you’re ready to unlock your unique cannabis code, the key is at CODES Dispensary in West Plains.

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