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Club Codes is your key to unlocking a world of cannabis experiences – personalized product recommendations, early access to new products, and unique opportunities to engage with the cannabis community.

Joining Club Codes is simple and rewarding. Visit any CODES Dispensary and sign up on your first visit to maximize your benefits. Just provide your phone number and email address to a budtender, and you’re in! For added convenience, a signup form is also available on our website, making enrollment just a click away.

Club Codes makes earning rewards straightforward and rewarding: Spend a dollar, earn a point. It’s that simple. For every 200 points you accumulate, unlock a $10 discount.

Unlock birthday treats, referral incentives, exclusive deals, and VIP event access with Club CODES cannabis dispensaries.

Loyalty points expire after three months of inactivity at any CODES Dispensary. To keep your points active, make sure to purchase within this period.

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