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With names and flavors inspired by our favorite places in the Show Me state, our gummies are an ode to the areas we grew up in. You can expect delicious flavors infused with terpenes to help you unlock your superpower.

These 20mg gummies are scored into 4 quarters, so you can customize your dosage by splitting up your gummy (or not). Choose your own vibe with sativa, indica, and hybrid gummies, infused with terpenes that perfect your high. No smoke. No smells. No problems.

OZK Sunrise


Indulge in the fresh, enchanting flavors of the OZK Sunrise, a mega-flavorful treat that captures the essence of a brisk morning in the heart of the Ozarks. Get ready for a juicy burst of ripe cranberries and succulent orange.

Show Me Skyberry


Show Me Skyberry gummies are inspired by the majestic skies and lush landscapes of our home state. Get your hands on a bag of these gummies to experience the velvety taste of sweet blueberries and strawberries followed by the tangy zestiness of ripe raspberry. Now, you might be asking, “What’s a Skyberry?” Guess you have to find out.

Blue Spring Dream


Inspired by summer days at the local swimming hole, this gummy captures the essence of crystal-clear waters and sweet summer breezes. Blue Springs Dream tastes like refreshing tropical fruit with smooth and creamy coconut. While there are no tropical paradises in Missouri, these gummies can get you pretty close.

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